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Project Description
SCSF/CAB Functional Tester is a collection of applications and libraries that record SCSF/CAB functional GUI actions, and playback those same actions as well as run verification tests added by the user, to verify a specific testing scenario.

This first version of the Functional Tester supports the recording and playback of the following controls and events with further features reserved for further releases.

All Controls : TextChanged Events
All Control : Clicks Events
All Controls SelectedIndexChanged Events
Radio Button :Check and Uncheck Events
Check Box: Check and Uncheck Events
NumericUpDown: value changed Events
ListBox: single and multiple item selection Events
DataGridView: DoubleClick Events
TreeView : NodeSelect and DragDrop events.

Abilty to track and activate SmartParts on demand.
Ability to playback the correct control in the correct view.

The Functional tester consists of :
Player – The Playback GUI to load and playback recorded tests
Recorder – The playback GUI to record the test script and tester actions
TestBench – The Test Bench that executes the recorded scripts on the target applications and displays the test results to the user.
Functional Tests – The test assembly where the tests to run will be saved as classes with the NUnit Syntax and attributes.

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